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Helping Hands in Wellington this Winter

There's no doubt that our local countryside looks stunning when dressed up in a sprinkling of clear white snow.  Sledges are dusted off and, of course, children and dogs can't wait to get outside and play.

However, for others the advent of severe weather conditions can pose real problems, with slippery pavements and roads making it difficult to get out for essential supplies.  Those with mobility or health issues can be particularly affected and snowy conditions can cause a great deal of worry.

Wellington Town Council is currently updating its list of volunteers who are willing to help out in their neighbourhood in the event of extreme weather in the coming winter.  This may be getting out the shovel and clearing a stretch of pavements or running an essential errand for a neighbour, whether on foot or in a vehicle which can cope with snowed-up roads.

All offers of help will be greatly appreciated and if you feel you can lend a hand please contact Kathryn or Gill at the Town Council office with details of any assistance you can offer.  Your details will not be shared with anyone outside of the Clerk's Office and you will only be contacted in the case of extreme conditions.

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