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Updating War Memorial

Updating the War Memorial

At a meeting of the Town Council Mr Ray Hitchcock drew attention to a number of names which were missing from the War Memorial in the Park. Research by him and Mike Perry for publication of their books “Our Boys”, “Our WW2 Boys (and a girl)” and “Our Other Boys” had revealed that there were a number of names that could be potentially added to the memorial. The Council have agreed to place the missing names on the Memorial. However, before doing so the War Memorials Trust strongly recommend that the list of names to added are publicised. This is mainly so that attention can be drawn to what the Council are doing and give an opportunity for anyone else to come forward with names that might have been missed. The names to be added are :

First World War


Baker A

Bennett F

Blackmore C S

Burrows A

Burston E

Cole R J

Coram H W

Corner E F

Darch E A

Davey F G

Davis J

Fouracre W J T

Gooding A T

Gooding F

Gould F

Grabham A

Hill F

Hine A

Jones J T

Kemshead L I

Lowman R E

Manley W B

Mutters F

Pavey F

Perham W F G

Purnell S G H

Smart D

Stephens H

Treble J N

Waygood C R

Webber M

Whitmore J F



Second World War


Ashplant W L

Blackmore R

Dunsford J A

Durston E J

Griffiths J G

Hattersley P W

Holloway R M

Marsh A V

Martin E C

Robinson R E

Twose R G

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